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MagnapulseModelsMagnaPulse devices are the industry standard PEMF therapy devices.  They are a successor to the Papimi device and utilize true Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields.  There are different types of PEMF Devices.

See our discussion of Pulsed versus Resonant devices here in our article Hummers vs Ringers. In this article we describe both the technological differences in these devices, as well as try to provide reasonable guidance for the use of each.

MagnaPulse PEMF, is a revolutionary device that delivers immediate relief and accelerates healing. They are powerful and use a plasma discharge chamber.  See Plasma Discharge Devices.

MagnaPulse PEMF is simple and safe to operate; at just 25 pounds very portable.


    • Anthea on August 12, 2013 at 1:54 am
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    Just inquiry – how is the energy rated as in watt….. or nanno watts which = 500,000 watts per sec (or something sililar) still getting my head around this research.

    1. Hi Anthea:
      The unit releases a burst of energy – so the power is very high for a brief amount of time a few millionths of a second, and then zero. So the average power is very low – but the burst power is quite high. You can read more on my discussion of and
      Mark Squibb

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