MagnaPulse.com is an integrated health solutions partner. Our goal is your success.

MagnaPulse Integrated Care delivers about twice the therapeutic performance of other PEMF devices:

  • Clinical Guidance
  • Assessment Tools
  • PEMF Protocol Library
  • Nutrient Systems
  • Custom Probes
  • Detox Systems
  • Training and Support
PEMF Devices are not magic bullets. Many factors can interfere with healing and limit the performance of PEMF devices:

  • Toxicity
  • Acute alkalosis & acidosis
  • Severe cell membrane degeneration
  • Malnutrition

This combination of factors often creates complex conditons that require more than PEMF to resolve.

MagnaPulse customers get better results because they have better tools. Health is complex.

The performance of PEMF devices attracts underqualfied individuals seeking easy money — just like it attracts manufacturing copycats. Stick with high quality devices from reputable vendors.

You’ll be glad you did.

Before you buy a device… Here are some good questions to ask your vendor:

  • Under what conditions doesn’t PEMF work? (If they don’t know, don’t buy from them.)
  • What kind of training can you provide? (If they can’t support you, don’t buy from them.)
  • What kind of nutritional support do they provide? (Nutrition counts. There are no magic bullets.)

MagnaPulse is new science of energetic care. Why not work with the best?


PEMF MOTIVATION Most people who purchase PEMF units are either individuals wishing to improve their personal health (or that of a loved one), or health professionals interested in helping many. Recognizing these motivations, we provide our users with a complimentary “metabolic health restoration kit” (value $1000) to help them “get off to the best start …


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