Train­ing is essen­tial to obtain­ing best results and avoid­ing unsup­port­able claims.

We con­tin­u­al­ly refine our train­ing and sup­port offer­ing.

Here are exam­ples of Gen­uine Mag­na­Pulse train­ing mate­ri­als:

This video explains how to adjust the min­i­mum pulse inten­si­ty.

This video shows the rec­om­mend­ed probe change tech­nique.


First Use


PEMF Horse Care The­ater / Mag­na­Pulse Horse Care Fea­tures: Fine tuned pow­er with ultra low set­tings — opti­mal ani­mal com­fort; Wide Pow­er Range range for max­i­mum ther­a­peu­tic per­for­mance on joints; Probe Exten­sion — max­i­mizes safe­ty and con­ve­nience; Light­weight, 25 lbs, for porta­bil­i­ty; Con­tact Us Now Load­ing…

Back Pain

This pre­sen­ta­tion illus­trates best prac­tice using a Mag­na­Pulse com­bined with Pelvic Rota­tion. For more infor­ma­tion or train­ing please fill out the con­tact form at the right.

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