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Most people who purchase PEMF units are either individuals wishing to improve their personal health (or that of a loved one), or health professionals interested in helping many.

Recognizing these motivations, we provide our users with a complimentary “metabolic health restoration kit” (value $1000) to help them “get off to the best start possible”.

This “kit” includes the following:

  1. Metabolic assessment:
    • Measures 40 metabolic indicators (and includes a live blood analysis) to determine a person’s health at the cellular level.
    • Offered on a “tele-health” basis (“at-home collection” and internet-based video-conferencing results presentation).
    • Video recording for easy reference.
    • Physiology Assessment Sample
  • E-PAD: E-pads use homeopathic radiation to quench free radicals.

E-Pad Brochure
Successful E-PAD applications include, but are not limited to:

    • reversal of foot fungus Foot Fungus Case Study to
    • elimination of painful inflammation of degenerating vertebrae and of their muscular attachments–very likely due to infection by the spirochetal cause of Lyme disease (link to MRI s) to
    • spider bites;
    • ear infections;
    • lung (pneumonia) infections;
    • joint pain and swelling.

More information about the science behind E-PADS is presented ePad Science and History Video.

Our starter kit includes a 3”x5” “hot pad

  • Liver Flow Kit: Over time, and as a result of potassium metabolism dysfunction or conditions which limit stomach acid, the liver pathway often becomes obstructed.  This kit includes all supplements required for a basic 30 day liver flow protocol designed to thin bile and dissolve obstructions.


  1. Membership in the Whole Health Research Alliance – enabling ongoing access to our latest research findings and PEMF innovations.

We cannot stress enough the importance of “getting off to the right start with your PEMF unit”.

The metabolic health restoration kit enables:

  • Individuals to understand their true health status and how to integrate their PEMF unit into specific protocols designed to address their specific challenges;
  • Health Care Professionals to experience first-hand how PEMF can be best used to help their patients and/or clients.


We have extensive experience working with equine experts and have a series of training materials exclusively for horse treatments.


We invite our users to assist us in “spreading the word” and offer both a referral and sales commission program – following requisite training in product usage and communication.

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